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Bewitched Slots: An Exciting Slot Variation

Distributed by popular gaming company AC Coin and Slots, Bewitched Slots is an exciting and engaging variation of slots patterned after a famous television show in the 1960s. Since most gamblers know this high-rated television program, many of them show interest in trying this cool and luring slot variation. Hence, to those who like to play Bewitched Slots in casinos, it is important that they have ample knowledge on the basic elements and attractive features of the game.

The Special Features of Bewitched Slot Machines

Designed by iGame Plus, Bewitched slot machines have EZ-pay feature which make them more enticing and attractive to slots players. The multi denomination video slot machines feature five reels and 15 pay lines. Another interesting feature of the slot machines is that they have the capacity to accept as much as 300 coins per game. Lastly, to win big profits from the game, players can excel and try their odds in the slot variation's bonus games namely Serena Bonus Game and Slotto Bonus Game.

The Serena Bonus Game

Three famous characters from the television show Samantha, her husband Darrin and her cousin Serena, appear in the variation's Serena bonus game. To win additional coins, players need to act as Samantha and the main objective is to neutralize Serena's magical spells against Darrin. Players should focus on preventing Serena from turning Samantha's husband into animals and objects like frog and umbrella.

The Bewitched Slots Slotto Bonus Round

The bonus game features television excerpts of the show's principal casts, which include Darrin, Samantha, Gladys, Dr. Bombay as well as Endora. The objective of Slotto bonus game is to help Samantha, with the use of some Slotto balls rescue her husband from Endora's trickes. This bonus game gives big amount of coins to players who can successfully do the task.

Bewitched Slots: A High Roller Slot Variation

Classified as one of the high roller slot games in casinos, Bewitched Slots open doors to gamblers to take home high profits, only if they place big stakes in this game. In this manner, it is essential that gamblers keep track on their bankroll for them to avoid incurring big losses in this game. Before playing the slot variation in casinos, it is necessary that they assign a limit to the amount of money that they will only spend in the game. By using this strategy, players have the chance to maximize odds that the game offers to them.