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Reel 'Em In Video Slot Machine is a Cut Above the Rest

Video slot machines started in the mid 1990s as an attempt to revamp how the game is played. Casinos were getting worried that slot machines were becoming monotonous games and wouldn't be able to keep up with the other games. Slot machines, which were previously just three reeled machines that perform the same movement day in and day out would need to be given a different feel.

Reel 'Em In was the very first video slot machine and it was an instant hit. Reel 'Em In was introduced by WMS gaming and it started the revolution in this industry. It was also the pioneer when it came to playing multiple coins on multiple pay lines. Players were given an option to play as much as 9 coins on as many as 5 pay lines. Reel 'Em In also got a new market playing the game and video slot machines became more appealing to the younger generation. With more interaction, Reel 'Em In became an instant favorite. Previously, the game was too simple: the player just had to insert coins and watch the symbols spin. With video slot machines like Reel 'Em In however, there were several screens and bonus rounds gave the players a chance to win bigger cash.

Today, online casinos are leading when it comes to video slot machines. It's relatively easy to come up with a video slot machine and pack it with captivating sounds and intense graphics to appeal to just about anybody. The advantage for the casino when it comes to online video slot machines is that they save up on floor space and they can constantly introduce new games to keep the player's interest going. For the player on the other hand, online casinos provide fun and relaxation right in their home and they can save up on expenses that go hand in hand with traveling to a land based casino. Video slot machines like Reel 'Em In was not just a hit for those who enjoy this game at casinos, but also for those who'd rather stay at home but enjoy gambling.

It is sometimes argued by the card games fans that slot machines are a no brainer. On the contrary, there are many video slot machines that require thinking and offer just as much action. If one is an avid card player and is saying no to slot machines, video slot machines can give one a whole new perspective on this captivating and exciting game.